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I’ve exceeded my initial goal weight and after 3 months my HbA1c decreased from 70 to 50 and now, 3 months later it has come down to 31. My blood glucose levels have gone from an average of 11 mmol/L down to 5 mmol/L on some days placing me in the ideal 4-7 mmol/L range. I have been amazed by the programme and I’m very happy indeed. I’ve really appreciated all of the information and expertise and it’s been inspiring to be getting results .


 It has not been hard and I needed to do this. I learnt about my diabetes and the drugs I was on and I’ve actually already dropped one of the drugs I am on. My goal is to drop all of them. I have lost 9cm around my waist in 10 weeks already and my HbA1c bloods dropped by 10 points so far.



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