Case Study – Judith M

‘‘I feel way, way better in my energy levels, it’s fantastic.  I appreciated the recipes, all of the diabetes information and I enjoyed following the diabetes community on the Facebook page, which was full of positive changes and support, along with helpful ideas.”

For so many years, thinking I had to just live with it – not true!

Sometimes a person surprises the medical profession. Judith, 49, was one such person. She was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes at the age of 28 and over the next 21 years, she had managed it without needing medication. This is an exception, but eventually, everybody reaches its limit.

Then she experienced three months of consistently erratic blood sugar levels that couldn’t be self-managed, Judith knew she had to get help. Her blood glucose levels were now averaging 10 mmol/L and higher. As a result of these high blood glucose levels, her symptoms were increasingly uncomfortable and heading into serious territory. They included:

• Numbness in her right hand
• Constant thirst
• Blurry vision (this was her main concern)
• Foggy brain
• Low energy
• Hot flushes
• Thrush (which was actually the first symptom of her

Judith took an important step and became a  member of The Diabetes Clinic Online programme member.

She is now very happy to report blood glucose levels of 6 and 7mmol/L which has decreased to a level she has not seen for many years. As a result of this decrease, most of the symptoms listed above have either resolved or are hardly present.

Judith’s medical doctor is very pleased with her new HbA1c level. Having stabilised at the 6-month mark of our programme, Judith has now been given a new status of prediabetes by her doctor, something that she never imagined achieving. It was her belief that once you have Type 2 diabetes, you simply have to learn to live with it.  The chemical changes for Judith only tell one part of her story. She has also achieved her ideal body weight having lost 7 kilos with an eating plan designed for diabetes and sustainable nutrition. She feels “just the right weight”, which not many people get to say.

Judith says “I feel way, way better in my energy levels, it’s fantastic”.

She is so pleased with her progress and is now focussing on maintaining her lifestyle to reduce her diabetes markers even further. The programme has given her the confidence to believe that reaching the milestone of being non-diabetic after 21 years, is achievable.  In fact, Judith says that the programme wasn’t hard and instead just made sense as it worked to deliver noticeable and measurable results. “I appreciated the recipes, all of the diabetes information and I enjoyed following the diabetes community on the Facebook page, which was full of positive changes and support, along with helpful ideas.

Judith encourages anyone who is ready to reverse their diabetes to firstly, believe it is possible and to take the step toward it by joining The Diabetes Clinic Online Programme, “I had this for so many years, thinking I had to just live with it’. Now I know that this is not true”.

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