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Our vision is to impart knowledge & provide expert guidance for reversing pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes naturally to thousands of people around the world.

We are a team of medical and health professionals providing natural solutions to reverse pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

We want you to have the best health possible and establish a new and healthy life.

The Diabetes Clinic Online programme is founded in New Zealand servicing people around the world. We are passionate about helping our members to reverse their diabetes.

We care about every member that joins us and we look forward to working with you to repair, rebalance and recover your diabetes and health.

These doctor-led online programmes are supported and guided. They are easy to follow, designed for working at your own pace and learning style. You will learn skills to help yourself and your family.

We’re passionate about helping people reversing their diabetes around and living the life they want – in the driver’s seat of their health.

Meet our team dedicated to your success

Kimba Lawrence, Founder & Director

PSYCH-K Practitioner, Bachelor of Social Work

Kimba has a background in social sciences and business, and is deeply committed to helping people improve their lives. She has worked in natural health for over 10 years, jointly owning a very effective weight-loss clinic.

Kimba is a certified PSYCH-K (mind-set change) practitioner, helping people to change their limiting subconscious beliefs without re-trauma, and often quickly and easily. She studies the work of Dr Bruce Lipton and others leading the field of energy psychology and brain neuroscience. She has applied this modality to the area of weight loss, food issues and helping people have the energy for change and sustaining change long term which is what really matters. Beliefs drive or hinder the change process.

Kimba has helped 100’s of people to restore their health and lose weight over the last 10 years. She has witnessed many clients reverse their diabetes after following traditional advice and really trying to get healthier.

Kimba has a passion to help people live fuller, happy lives and to have the good health they deserve.

Dr Matt Shelton, Medical Director

MB ChB, Dip Obs, Dip Anaes, FRNZCGP, FACNEM

Matt brings over three decades of medical practice, originally in the United Kingdom and then 25 years in his adopted home, New Zealand. Early years in anaesthetics and critical care medicine created a life-long love of biochemistry and an appreciation for the cast-in-stone design of the human body, however carelessly we may wish to drive it! Later studies in anthropology and a fellowship in clinical nutrition confirmed for him that our ability to thrive requires awareness of a few obligatory and non-negotiable behaviours, in order to be physically and emotionally healthy. He has been heavily involved in training other doctors in the area of nutrition and environmental medicine for over a decade.

Matt has years of valuable experience as a full-time general practitioner, working increasingly with diabetes, obesity and other metabolic diseases. He is fully convinced by the weight of evidence underlying our programme, and its results.

He is available at The Diabetes Clinic via the medical consultation service for advice and support to more complex clients, for second opinions or to take an integrative look at health issues with a view to identifying underlying causes and resolving them – with drug-free solutions wherever possible. The Diabetes Clinic does not offer general practice/family medicine services as we are an online service for clients from around the world, and from widely differing medical jurisdictions. Always seek local medical advice.

Julie Buckely

Food & Nutrition

Julie is kiwi-born and lives in Wellington. Her initial career as a qualified chef led her to study and specialise in food for health. Julie has particularly focussed on the subjects of food allergy and eating for gut health issues, including the area of gluten-free cooking.

For the past 8 years, Julie has been coaching people with obesity and other related health issues. She has coached over 1000 people in this area before moving into the diabetes arena. Her specialty area at the Diabetes Clinic is nutrition and helping people adapt to and adopt low carb, healthy fat eating.

Bianca Robinson

Nutrition & Product Support

Bianca is our nutritionist. Bianca has decades of experience in using whole food nutrition to heal the body at a cellular level. She is passionate about helping people be well and living happier and healthier lives.

Bianca is our product manager and advisor. She offers complimentary consultations upon request. Refer to the products tab for more information and contact details.

You have the ability to dramatically change your life and have the success you want

Join our medical and natural health professionals providing you expert  guidance and solutions to reverse  your prediabetes
and type 2 diabetes

Working with you to repair, rebalance and recover your health.

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