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Reversing your type 2 diabetes and other metabolic health issues is truly possible and within reach, through lifestyle strategies scientifically proven to work. Having any of the five metabolic diseases does not mean living with medications and increasing risks and complications. Let us help you with our 4-week programme which offers a simple plan which is research-led and that works. Do not let anyone tell you that you ‘just have to live with it’. Our programme addresses the underlying cause of most chronic diseases – INSULIN RESISTANCE. It is easy to follow and we will help you get the best health possible,

Our mission is to help thousands of people reverse their type 2 diabetes and other metabolic health issues and to be in charge of their health.

Too many people are unaware these diseases are reversible and that insulin resistance is the main underlying cause.

We have made it our mission to close the gap in how diabetes and other insulin resistant diseases are being ‘managed’ with medications, and instead, help people to reverse their health issues, naturally.

We provide expert knowledge and guidance for success.

Recover your health without shakes, products or counting calories…

Our 4-week programme complements your current medical care. We will all look after you together.

Restore your health, be in the drivers’ seat and achieve the best health possible. 

Kimba Lawrence – The Diabetes Clinic Online Director


What our participants say

I am so grateful to be declared diabetes-free by my doctor and to be off all medication. I haven’t seen these numbers in years. I also lost over 20 kilos without hardly noticing – unheard of! It was a gentle step-by-step process and it all seemed unimaginable.

My level was 42 and now is 32. I was 120kg and now I am 94kg, my aim is 87kg. It’s quite hard for a guy at my age to change foods but every week trying different foods was absolutely fantastic. It worked for me so I hope it works for other people as well.


I got to keep my job. The stakes were high and I had 3 months to turn my health around for safety reasons. The weight loss of over 10k was a bonus. I was always tired. It wasn’t a big sacrifice, just a new routine. It was simple to get the gist of the plan and there is extra information if you want all the ‘why’s’. I feel much better and passed my health certificate for the next 2 years.

Medical and natural health professionals providing you expert  support and solutions to reverse  your prediabetes
and type 2 diabetes

Working with you to repair, rebalance and recover your health.

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