Reverse Prediabetes And Type 2 Diabetes, Naturally

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Did you know that Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed?

Be guided through our specific research-led diabetes strategies to recover your health

Improve Blood Sugars

Stabilise blood sugar levels and achieve healthy HbA1c results and sustainable success

Lower health risks

Change the course of a progressive disease with many risks and complications for a healthier body and future

Reverse diabetes

Sustain changes that reverse the path of insulin resistance and restore the path of insulin sensitivity

Our Story

As a medical doctor for many decades, I’ve seen too many people unaware that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed.

My team and I have made it our mission to close the gap in how diabetes is currently ‘managed’ with medications, and instead, help people to reverse diabetes, naturally.

The Diabetes Clinic Online programmes provide expert support for success. Recover your health without shakes, products or counting calories…

Our programmes complement your current medical care. We will all look after you together.

Join our diabetes community as you restore your health and achieve long term sustainable change. 

Dr. Matt Shelton

The Diabetes Clinic Online Medical Director

Our Programmes

No matter where you’re starting from, our programmes have the flexible options to help you reach your health goals and get control of type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, weight or metabolic syndrome.

Our mission is to help people reverse their Type 2 diabetes, understand their body and be in charge of their health

Kimba Lawrence – The Diabetes Clinic Online Director


Why it works

Our research-led combined approach gives you the knowledge and strategies for control of your health, hunger, and hormones for sustainable reversal of Type 2 diabetes, naturally.

100% Focus on Diabetes

Easy to Follow Step by Step System

Doctor-Led Programme

Personal Support & Guidance

Be inspired by the success of our members

I am so grateful to be declared diabetes-free by my doctor and to be off all medication. I haven’t seen these numbers in years. I also lost over 20 kilos without hardly noticing – unheard of! It was a gentle step-by-step process and it all seemed unimaginable.


My level was 42 and now is 32. I was 120kg and now I am 94kg, my aim is 87kg. It’s quite hard for a guy at my age to change foods but every week trying different foods was absolutely fantastic. It worked for me so I hope it works for other people as well.


I got to keep my job. The stakes were high and I had 3 months to turn my health around for safety reasons. The weight loss of over 10k was a bonus. I was always tired. It wasn’t a big sacrifice, just a new routine. It was simple to get the gist of the plan and there is extra information if you want all the ‘why’s’. I feel much better and passed my health certificate for the next 2 years.


Time to get your health and diabetes under control?

Improve your blood sugar levels, lower your health risks and begin reversing diabetes. Start today. 

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Join our medical and natural health professionals providing you expert  guidance and solutions to reverse  your prediabetes
and type 2 diabetes

Working with you to repair, rebalance and recover your health.

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